Electra Bag Basket Tote Delivery One Size Olive

Art.Nr.  533380
Größe: Dimensions=30.5cm (l) x 30.5cm (w) x 22.9cm (h)
Farbe: Olive Green
Gewicht: g
Geschlecht: Unisex

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13,74 EUR

Bag Electra Basket Tote Delivery One Size Olive
Toss whatever you need in the tote bag and free up your hands for steering, high-fiving, or flashing a peace sign.

100% Cotton Canvas;Reflective label;Snaps into select Electra baskets;Great for on or off bike use;Designed to work with Electra Linear QR Mesh Baskets;

Material: Tasche=Webstoff;Fasergehalt=100% Baumwolle

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